Considerations For Choosing Chocolate Assortments

Posted on: 29 March 2023

Chocolate and flowers are lovely gifts and a staple of old romantic movies and advertisements. Whether it be a small box with a few bonbons, a 16-piece tray, or a splashy heart-shaped display, these packages of chocolatey goodness are usually very much appreciated and enjoyed. But grabbing any box of chocolates isn't the way to choose one; you've got to put some thought into it. In addition to the size and shape of the box, as well as the brand, there are a few other issues you need to think about.

The Recipient's Dietary Restrictions  

Something those old movies and advertisements don't focus on is whether or not the recipient can truly eat everything in the assortment. If you don't know the recipient's dietary restrictions, go for as basic an assortment as possible. You can get plenty of chocolate assortments in gluten-free and nut-free varieties; there are also soy-free and dairy-free varieties. Chocolates that are free of allergens and gluten are available with different types of chocolate and fillings, and many brands are halal- and kosher-certified as well. Obviously, if you do know which restrictions the recipient has, you'll have a lot more leeway to choose.

Dark vs. Milk Chocolate

It's not unusual for people to have a preference for one type of chocolate while still eating the other type. You may prefer moderately dark chocolate but still have milk or very dark chocolate without complaint. But there are also those who really don't like a particular type of chocolate, such as those who detest anything bittersweet. If you don't know the recipient's preferences and haven't been able to figure out a way to find out, you'll want that chocolate assortment to have a mix of chocolate types.

A Variety Guide

When you shop for the chocolates, check out the entire box and see if you can find a brand that offers a description of what's what in each row. Note that these graphics may sometimes be on the inside of the lid, or the brand's website may have a page showing each piece and its filling. You can print one of those out and give it to the recipient if they express doubt about what each piece contains.

A box of assorted chocolates is a great gift. If you're buying it at a candy store, definitely ask the workers there for their opinions on different types of chocolate, and if you're ordering it online, ensure you order at a time when deliveries aren't restricted (some companies refuse to ship chocolate in summer, for example). You want that assortment to arrive in perfect shape.

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