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High-Protein, Almond Flour Pancakes With Homemade Raspberry Sauce

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Do you love pancakes but wish they weren’t so high in carbs? Using almond flour rather than wheat flour in your pancakes will boost their protein content and cut down on their carbohydrate content. Here’s a delicious recipe for high-protein almond flour pancakes and a delicious, homemade raspberry sauce (yes, it’s low in sugar) to top them with. Ingredients (for the pancakes): 1 cup almond four 1/2 cup water 2 eggs 1 tablespoon honey 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon canola oil, plus extra for frying Ingredients (for the syrup): 1 1/2 cups fresh raspberries 2 teaspoons cornstarch 2 tablespoons orange juice Step 1: Preparing the sauce Place the raspberries in a small saucepan, Use a fork to smash them against the sides of the pan until they are mostly pureed with a few larger pieces remaining. Add the cornstarch and orange juice to the pan, and stir to combine. Cook the sauce over low heat until it starts to simmer, and then let it simmer for 1 minute. It should thicken slightly. Remove the sauce from the heat and set it to the side until later. Step 2: Preparing the pancake batter Pour the almond flour and salt into a mixing bowl, and stir to combine. In a separate bowl, combine the water and honey. Stir until the honey dissolves. Then, add the oil and eggs to this mixture. Create a well in the middle of the flour mixture, and then pour the wet ingredients into the center of the well. Stir gently just until a uniform batter forms. Do not over mix — your pancakes will be tough. Step 3: Making the pancakes Bring a griddle up to medium heat, and add a small drizzle of canola oil to the griddle surface to keep the pancakes from sticking. Then, pour the batter by large spoonfuls onto the griddle, aiming to create pancakes that are about 4 inches across. Cook the pancakes until they begin to look bubbly in the center and dry around the edges. Then, flip them and cook for another 2 – 3 minutes. Remove the pancakes from the griddle, and repeat the cooking process with any remaining batter. Serve stacks of these freshly fried pancakes topped with your homemade raspberry sauce. They’re also delicious served with regular maple syrup. If you have any leftovers, wrap them in plastic wrap and store them in the fridge for up to 3 days. They’re delicious when reheated in the toaster oven. To learn more, contact a company like Eat Naturall,...

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Be Assured That Organic Coffee Is A Safe Product Sold In The United States

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Coffee drinkers are serious about their coffee. They have a keen sense of the worth of coffee. Organic coffee is cultivated without the use of any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers and must be planted on land that has been detoxified by itself, according to industry experts. No genetically modified organisms are used on the land. Final processing and packaging is achieved without the use of any chemical whatsoever. It’s understandable then why organic coffee drinkers hold strong views about this product. Rest assured it is a safe product to buy in the United States. How does organic coffee interact with the environment, though? An Environmentally Friendly Product At a time when just about everyone is up in arms about products that hurt the environment, organic coffee is a safe product that is environmentally friendly. Organic coffee is not only friendly to the environment, it also largely preserves the biotic environment to make a healthy atmosphere for all the other smaller creatures that scurry about. There are no poison or toxic chemicals in organic coffee walks, and they are grown in natural shades. Organic Coffee From Tropical Forests One of the more highly regarded type of organic coffee types is cultivated in the natural shade of tropical forests. This means the forest is not cleared in order to plant the product. Growth is rather slow, experts say, but they assert that the coffee is tastier and offers you a richer flavor. Special Names For Varieties Of Shade-Grown Coffee Interestingly enough, there are several organic shade-grown coffee varieties with names given to them based on their farming styles. Those names include organic specialized or reduced shade, organic rustic, and organic traditional polyculture. Due to their location in the rain forests, these brands are not always available, which means you’ll pay a bit of money to obtain them when they are in stock in America. A Caffeinated Drink Bear in mind that organic coffee will always contain caffeine, which is a mainstay of all coffee products. So don’t go downing quarts of organic coffee all at once just because it is grown without chemicals or pesticides. You can, of course, obtain decaffeinated organic coffee. Organic Green Coffee  Have you heard about organic green coffee? Experts note that this coffee contains a rich source of chlorogenic acid antioxidants. It is is promoted as being more powerful at wiping out free radicals than the much-publicized antioxidants in green tea. Moreover, chlorogenic acid is also touted for its quality in boosting metabolism and helping to energize your body when you experience fatigue. For more information, contact a business like Fresh Roasted Coffee...

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2 Snacks You Can Make At Home With Pickles

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If you want to make something a little different for a snack, purchase a jar of pickles. You can use them in many ways, and the snacks will taste great. Below are two things you should consider trying out with you and your family. Fried Dill Pickles If you have ever had fried dill pickles in a restaurant and loved them, make them yourself at home. Even if you have never had them, you should try them out. It is very easy to do, and you can let the kids get in on the fun. Purchase your favorite type of pickles. Kosher pickles work well, because you want something that is sour. Heat up your deep fryer on the same setting you would use to cook French fries. Put some flour in a bowl, and mix in your favorite spices. You could use chili powder, garlic powder, red pepper powder, and more. For each spice, use approximately a quarter of a teaspoon. The measurements do not have to be exact. Slice up some pickles in the thickness that you want them, dip them in the flour mixture so they are completely covered, and place them in your deep fryer. They should cook in only a few minutes, so keep an eye on them. When finished, place them on a plate with a paper towel to soak up the oil, and serve with your favorite dressing, such as blue cheese or ranch. Dill Pickle Wraps Dill pickles wraps are easy to make, and they are delicious. Get 10 kosher dill pickles (or however many you want to make), and approximately one cup of pub cheese. You can find this type of cheese in most grocery stores in the refrigerator section. It usually comes in a tub like butter. You will also need 10 small taco sized tortillas, and a pan with some oil in it for pan frying. Hollow out the pickles with an apple core. Push down and twist the apple core until you reach the end of your pickle. Be careful, as you do not want to poke through the end of the pickle so your filling will not leak out. Spoon the cheese inside each pickle until filled up. Lay out your tortillas, and place one pickle into the center of each one. Fold over one side of the tortilla over the pickle, fold down the top of the tortilla, fold up the bottom, and then wrap the other side of the tortilla over the pickle. You need to get the tortilla wrapped on as tight as you can. If the tortilla seems too big, cut it with a knife so the circle is smaller. You can also use egg roll wrappers, if you prefer. When you are finished, the pickles will look much like egg rolls. Put about an inch or so of oil into a skillet and heat it up. Once the oil becomes hot, place the wrapped up pickles in. Fry them on each side until they are a golden brown. Remove them and place them on a plate with a paper towel on it. Serve them with your favorite dip. You can also come up with your own ideas, and may be surprised at the pickle creations you can make. Check out different kosher pickle brands until you find something...

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Looking For Something Different For Dessert? How About Baked Pears With Goat Cheese?

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If you’ve been looking for a way to shake things up around your mealtimes, goat cheese may be just the ingredient your kitchen has been lacking. This moist, creamy cheese adds a mild salty flavor to any dish it’s added to. Although most people reserve their thoughts of goat cheese for things like salad, pizza and other savory dishes, you may be surprised to find out it’s a great ingredient for dessert as well. When you’re looking for a unique and flavor-packed way to highlight this new addition to your refrigerator, consider a dish like baked pears with fresh goat cheese. Here’s how to make it. Gather Your Ingredients 1 fresh lemon, sliced in half 4 ripe pears 1 cup water or pear juice 1/2 teaspoon whole clove 1/8 teaspoon ground ginger 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/8 teaspoon allspice 1/3 cup brown sugar 4 ounces fresh goat cheese 1/4 cup honey Make the Dish Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, squeeze the juice of half of the lemon into the bottom of a medium-sized baking dish. Whisk together the water, spices and brown sugar, mixing them well. Slice the fresh pears in half lengthwise, then scoop out the core in the middle of each half. Peel the skin off each pear half, then place them with the cut-side facing down in the baking pan. Squeeze the rest of the lemon juice over the pears. Bake them for about a half-hour, or until they start to soften without losing their shape. Gently turn the pears over so the cut side faces up. Fill each pear with a small amount of goat cheese. To do this, break off about a teaspoon-full and round it out so it forms an oval shape, then place the cheese into the hole created by coring the pear. Bake the pears for an additional 10 minutes, then serve them warm. Drizzle them with a small amount of the spice liquid left in the pan, then a bit of fresh honey before serving. Serve them warm, straight from the oven for a comforting, flavorful dessert. The next time you’re hosting dinner for your friends or you just want to offer your family something unique and different for dessert, consider trying some fresh goat cheese in a dessert like this. You may find that you enjoy the creamy, cool addition of the cheese to your baked...

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