What Food Products Can You Buy From Your Local African Store?

Posted on: 7 September 2021

When it comes to cooking and exploring different spices and cooking tools, visiting a local food store that revolves around a specific culture can get you what you need while introducing you to something new. If you haven't been to your local African store for spices, cooking apparatuses, and foods, then you should consider exploring one now.

What food products and supplies can you buy from your local African store? Here's a guide to help you get shopping so you can expand your kitchen supplies and start making something new.


African food is known for being spicy and flavorful. New spices you've never heard of, including a spicy and flavorful concoction called kan kan kan, can be a welcome addition to your spice pantry. Keep in mind many of these spices are intended to add heat, so shop wisely and check the ingredients before you buy.

Most African spices in an African store are intended to flavor up meats and local produce. Think of some foods you love to prepare at home, such as rice, chicken, or fish, and choose spices in your local African store that will complement these favorite dishes well.

You can buy fresh herbs at your local African store as well, or find them in a dried version. If you don't know what an herb is intended for as far as use, ask your local African store owner what they suggest.


African fruits and vegetables are easy to find at an African store. You can buy African eggplant, baobab, cabbage, and cowpeas. You can also explore other exotic fruits, like safou, marula, and other unique fruits. You'll also see common produce, such as tomatoes, bananas, and pineapple. Feel free to buy these fruits at your local African store even if they are familiar to you already because you'll be supporting a small business in doing so.

Cooking tools

To authentically cook African foods or culturally inspired foods, you have to have the right tools. Look to your African store for the supplies you need, such as banana leaves, a pestle and mortar tool, and other tools. An African-style store will have many of these things so you can confidently shop for the foods and beverages and other produce you need.

You can visit your local African store and other specialty stores for all your cooking and kitchen needs. You never know what spices and other food products you'll find in these stores to really make your meals pop.