Frightfully Delightful Snacks For A Scary Movie Fest

Posted on: 10 August 2020

If dulce de leche is one of your favorite treats that you have grown up eating and continued enjoying throughout your adulthood, use this candy variety to create some frightfully delicious treats that you and your family can enjoy during a scary movie fest that is being held in your living room.

Plan Your Snack Menu

Dulce de leche is noted for its creamy texture and will work well as a glaze or a dip that is paired with other ingredients. Dulce de leche can also be enjoyed frozen solid and used as the base ingredient for a replica of a Halloween-themed creature. When planning your snack menu, take into account your family's preferences and the types of food that you are willing to allow your children to indulge in.

Maybe you would like to add some candy apples to the lineup and can use hand-dipped apples and some festive decorations to create replicas of creatures of the night. Another idea is to dip popcorn balls into melted candies, providing a salty snack with a sweet component that will go over well with your loved ones. For solid treats, toothpicks can be used to connect candies, and you can use this method to create a spooky Frankenstein, a werewolf, or another creature that is going to be decorated with several icing varieties.

Set Up A Workstation That Is Easy To Utilize

Use your menu to guide you in purchasing an amount of dulce de leche that will aid you in creating each snack item that you have selected. You are also going to need a saucepan, butter or cream, a whisk or a spatula, a drying rack, some serving trays, toothpicks, skewers, and icing, to create the full menu that you have selected.

Plan on creating one themed snack in entirety, before moving on to a different snack choice. If you would like to begin the preparations by creating a gooey coating that can be used to adorn apples or popcorn balls, place some dulce de leche in a saucepan. You can add a small amount of cream or a slab of butter to the pan's contents if you want to. Heat up the ingredients and use a whisk or a spatula to stir the components together.

Once the texture is soft and supple, dip apples or popcorn balls into the mixture. To make it easier to handle the base ingredients, use a skewer to pierce each component that is going to be covered in dulce de leche. Use a thick piece of foam as a drying rack. Push the end of each skewer into the foam. You may need to freeze this tray so the treats will harden. While you wait for the treats to harden, work on assembling candies that are being used as spooky figures. Finish up with the preparations by using icing to add faces to each snack.

To learn more or to buy dulce de leche, contact a specialty foods store.