Dining for the Good Life: 3 Types of Desserts That Taste Amazing with a Dash of Marmalade

Posted on: 22 November 2016

Americans have a real love for desserts, with 51% of Americans admitting to have a sweet tooth. You can create your own desserts at home that are fit for fine dining restaurants as long as you stock up on some key ingredients. Berry marmalade can add an additional element of flavor and dimension to your desserts to really amp up their taste. Try adding a dash of marmalade to these three desserts to see if you notice a difference.

Enhance the Fruity Flavors in a Cocktail

Do you enjoy ending your meal with a sweet cocktail? If you do, you can easily turn a simple cocktail into a concoction of delicious flavors by adding a dash of marmalade into the bottom of a champagne flute. The berry marmalade will add a very elegant and sophisticated flavor to the drink and enhance its overall richness.

Improve the Flavor and Texture of Yogurt

If you're trying to enjoy healthier desserts, try eating yogurt. There are plenty of flavors for you to choose from, but, sometimes, eating the same yogurt day after day can get quite boring. If you want to add a fruity twist to the yogurt, mix in some berry marmalade. The texture of the marmalade will bring the yogurt to life. Most marmalade has rich undertones that complement the subtle nature of the yogurt very well. It's also nice to have some preserved berries in the yogurt. The bright colors and fruit pieces make the yogurt appear a lot more appetizing.

Spice up Cakes with a Small Dollop

Shortcakes, cheesecakes, and just about any cake will taste better with a dollop of berry marmalade on top. You don't want to add too much marmalade in this case, as the strong flavor of the marmalade can at times overpower the original flavor of the cake. If you find the marmalade to be too strong, you can mix in some whipped cream to turn it into a more delicate topping.

You'll find various different types of berry marmalade in stores and online from brands like Chunkyfruits. The marmalade has a richer flavor and a more unique texture to it than jam and other fruit preservatives so a little marmalade will go a long way, and a jar of berry marmalade will last you a long time. Try out different types of berries in order to find one that best suits your taste buds and best enhances your desserts.